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Research Group

Gordon Koerner (doctoral student)

Gordon is investigating the localized deposition of functional groups using electron-beam interactions. These functional groups are exploited through site-selective atomic layer deposition for nanoscale electronic devices.

R.K. Surya (doctoral student)

R.K. studies the mechanical interactions within carbon nanotube forests and the application of machine learning techniques to extract latent data patterns.  

Camden Boyle (M.S. student)

Elizabeth is fabricating carbon nanotube microstructures to facilitate high-efficiency field emission of electrons.

Elizabeth Bellott (M.S. student)

Camden is studying the rapid photothermal heating of nanoenergetic aluminum nanoparticles.

Group Alumni

Taher Hajilounezhad (PhD) - Ramboll

Naadaa Zakiyyan (PhD, co-advised) - STMicroelectronics

Anqi Wang (PhD, co-advised) - University of Waterloo

Sam Donovan (MS) - Boeing

Ryan Hines (MS) - Boeing

Biyan Chen (PhD) - Nanova, Inc.

Joe Brown (MS) - Hummingbird Scientific

Ben Davis (MS) - Argonne National Lab

Matt Riehn (MS) - Boeing

Yushan Li (MS) - Jaguar / Land Rover

Chengyi Gu (MS) 

Damola Ajiboye (MS) - Missouri S&T doctoral student

Jin Li (MS)

Xingyi Yan (MS)

Bahram Rajabifar (MS) - Purdue Univeristy doctoral student

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