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Research Group

Taher Hajilounezhad (doctoral student)

Taher investigates the process-structure-property relationships in carbon nanotube forests. He investigates the fundamental forces that arise from the synthesis process and how these forces determine the CNT forest morphology and resultant properties. Taher has been instrumental in establishing in-situ electron microscope synthesis capabilities and for introducing machine learning / artificial intelligence into the process.

Gordon Koerner (doctoral student)

Gordon is investigating the localized deposition of functional groups using electron-beam interactions. These functional groups are exploited through site-selective atomic layer deposition for nanoscale electronic devices.

R.K. Surya (doctoral student)

R.K. studies the mechanical interactions within carbon nanotube forests and the application of machine learning techniques to extract latent data patterns.  

Sam Donovan (M.S. student)

Sam is examining the role of machine learning for predicting the mechanical performance of 3-D printed elastic substrates.

Anqi Wang (doctoral student). Co-advised with Dr. Shubhra Gangopadhyay

Anqi exploits 2D graphene substrates to support the high packing density of energetic nanoparticles in nanothermites. Anqi has developed a unique energetic graphene aerogel and methologies to dope graphene materials with reactive halogen species to enhance reactions.

Naadaa Zakiyyan (doctoral student). Co-advised with Dr. Shubhra Gangopadhyay

Naadaa investigates the combustion of energetic aluminum nanparticles supported on plasmonic grating substrates and the role of 2D solid-state oxidizers in energetic reactions. Naadaa is interested in the thermal  

Group Alumni

Ryan Hines (MS) - Boeing

Biyan Chen (PhD) - Nanova, Inc.

Joe Brown (MS) - Hummingbird Scientific

Ben Davis (MS) - Hummingbird Scientific

Matt Riehn (MS) - Boeing

Yushan Li (MS) - Jaguar / Land Rover

Chengyi Gu (MS) 

Damola Ajiboye (MS) - Missouri S&T doctoral student

Jin Li (MS)

Xingyi Yan (MS)

Bahram Rajabifar (MS) - Purdue Univeristy doctoral student

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